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Request For Keys

To request keys for university employees an approval form must be submitted by the employee’s department head/dean/director or designee. Each department within the University must submit a list of authorized signatories for the release of keys to the department’s employees. Authorized signatories must present a valid University ID at the time of pickup. Any person not on the authorized signatory list will not be permitted to pick up keys on behalf of any individual within their department.

To request a key to a UIC building, room or other facility, submit a request using FMWeb. In addition to the online FMWeb request, key requests also require completed Key Card Authorization forms. Key Cards have to be on file with the FM Lockshop before work will commence. Copies of the Key Card Authorization forms may be requested from the Lockshop by calling (312) 996-2826.

Temporary Keys Request Heading link

Project coordinators must sign out temporary keys for vendors at the beginning of each construction project. Project coordinators are required to keep of record of each key and its assigned vendor. The project coordinator is therefore responsible for assuring the safe return of each key at the finalization of each project. The vendor must sign for their assigned key, at which point the key’s safekeeping is the responsibility of the vendor. University keys issued to vendors will be returned at the end of each business day. At no time will a vendor be allowed to keep keys overnight. Keys are to be returned to the electronic key boxes that are located on the campus.

All costs of key recovery or re-keying related to unreturned keys will be the responsibility of the vendor and/or his or her company to which the keys were issued and final payment for services provided will not be made until all issued keys are returned.

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The University Police must be notified within 24 hours at (312) 996-2830 when keys are lost, stolen, or found. A written police report must be filed. Follow this procedure to accurately report your lost keys.

Replacement of lost key(s) will require a new key request per the Replacement Key section of this policy. Consequences of lost key(s) may result in disciplinary action and fee assessment to the holder of the key(s). The holder’s department may elect to pay for replacement keys on behalf of the key holder. In addition to replacement cost of the key, there may be an additional charge to re-key the affected areas.

University keys are the property of the State of Illinois. The key holders are subject to all applicable State statutes in relationship to misuse of state property. The holder of keys to any University facility assumes responsibility for the safekeeping of the key and its use. It is understood that the key(s) will not be made available to unauthorized persons. As an effort to minimize loss or misuse of keys, all University employees are strongly encouraged to leave University keys on University premises in a secure location during non-working periods.

The following charges will be billed to the individual employee when keys are lost.
In addition to replacement cost of the key, there may be an additional charge to re-key the affected areas.

  • Temporary  Key: $50.00
  • Interior Access Key: $75.00
  • Building Master  Key: $125.00
  • B Master Key: $225.00
  • Equipment Room Key: $50.00
  • Elevator Key: $50.00*

Please note that we plan on implementing new rates in FY’26 following a review aligned with the FY’25 rate study, to better reflect current costs.

All University employees should be able to login into FMWeb using their University NetID and password.  If you experience a problem logging into FMWeb, please contact our Customer Support team at (312) 996-7511 or


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Key(s) must be picked up from the key clerk within 60 days of being in the “Ready for Pickup” status. Key(s)s can be picked up by any person on the authorized signatory list. FM Key shop will send the requestor (and approver?) a reminder email after 30 days and again after 45 days if keys have not been picked up. After 60 days, the key(s) will be labeled as unclaimed and returned to the FM Lock shop to be destroyed. If the requestor is still in need of the key(s), a new request will need to be processed through FMWeb.

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