Project Management Services

Project Management Services prepares estimates, plans, and specifications for minor remodeling projects.

Project Management Services also collects bids and proposals, manages and coordinates construction details, and acts as the liaison for project development and completion. The department also reviews plans for consulting architects and engineers on capital construction projects.

Please contact us at (312) 413-1596.


Vy Milunas Director of Project Management 312-413-1361

Project Managers

Name Location Phone Email
Fredric Dobry 125D PPB 312-355-0478
Stephen Stroud 125K PPB 312-996-8852
Neil Lizaso 125H PPB 312-413-1990
Povilas Krutulis 125A PPB 312-996-0513
Anthony Yeboah 125K PPB 312-413-1281
Rebecca Shields 125H PPB 312-413-5679